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Quality & Affordable Space

Coleman Investment Properties provides quality and affordable space in the Bucks/ Montgomery County area. 
With a wide range of space in warehouse and office space.

 Stop paying NNN (Triple Net) 

Our Gross Leases are a flat rate that is intended to help you as a company to grow. STOP paying management fees, taxes, insurance, lawn care, utilities etc. Contact us

Our Management Team

is approachable, dependable and strives to service our tenants needs in a timely manner.

CIP’s focus is on developing lasting relationships with our clients. We have a sincere belief that when our tenants are successful, so are we. We are a hands-on type of property owner. We value our tenants, we listen to them and work with them to make sure the property meets their needs.

We work with multiple brokerage firms as well as in-house agents to seek creative solutions, market available space and negotiating leases. Our occupancy rate is well above the industry average and most clients have leased space from us for over 25 years. 

Our conservative, hands-on business approach coupled with our responsiveness to changes in the marketplace, has enabled us to innovate and grow year after year. We consistently work to identify new opportunities and unlock value across our portfolio.

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